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Just What is all this about?

Philadelphia City Hall

Two New Yorkers woke up in Philly one day… How did we get here? That’s a question we often ask ourselves. Both of us were pretty die-hard New Yorkers who through hard work, and shear fortune built a very comfortable life on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. But then a few realities began to settle in…. Finding ourselves comfortably in middle age, we both realized that we had great jobs, but those jobs ruled our lives more than either of us wanted. Work/life balance was very much out of balance. Then a series of events towards the end of 2016 propelled us to rethink our futures.

It suddenly made sense that if we were willing to let go of our New York dreams, we could simplify our lives tremendously, while increasing our overall quality of life at the same time, just by moving to a less expensive place. Then it was only a question of where. The absolutes were that it must be very urban, it must be easily reachable from New York City, it must be a place that is old, and it must be affordable. It didn’t take long before Philadelphia rose to the top of the list. After looking at real estate in Philly, we realized that we could sell our New York apartment and buy a home free and clear in Philadelphia. Not having to earn a fortune to pay for a home in New York opens up a lot of doors career wise for both of us. We can both focus on doing what we enjoy, rather than what we have to do to keep up with the Joneses.

Our Philly Row is our story about finding our amazing rowhouse, selling our apartment in New York City, moving our lives 100 miles to the south and west to settle into a slower more fulfilling and enriching life in the city of Philadelphia. It is also a story about old house love, renovation, decoration, and to be sure, old house woes. I hope you will stay tuned and stick around!


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